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stemma Reverber_edited.png
reverber marco mitraja guitar vocalist

Marco Mitraja

Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Reverber alessio alessandretti guitar

Alessio Alessandretti

Lead Guitar

reverber alessio stazi drum

Alessio Stazi


Senza titolo-1_edited_edited.jpg

Emanuele Evangelista




Reverber is an Italian thrash metal band founded in 2007 by young musicians united by a single goal: to play thrash metal at maximum power.


The band has a classical composition of thrash  ̶  two guitars, vocals, bass and drums  ̶  and proposes a sound halfway between the classic thrash of the Bay area and the most granitic one in northern Europe, thus creating a unique and modern project that continuously comes to terms with old-school metal. The band is not politically biased but has always shown a certain animosity towards the current global economic political system, namely neoliberalism, financial elites and capitalist neo slavery.


Since the first full length of 2009, "Serial Metal Killer", everything you want emerges from old school thrash, without ever neglecting those engaging melodies that seem destined to become a distinctive feature of the band.

After several line-up changes, Reverber returned to the scene in 2016 with "Immortals", album positively received by critics that allowed the band to expand its fan base, also thanks to the use of sinister sets, characterized by disturbing mannequin heads. The band released a lyrics video in 2017 of the song "Kamikaze". During the live stop caused by the pandemic, the band decided to re-record the first two albums "Serial Metal Killer" and "Immortals", both released in December 2021 along with the lyric video of "Lord of Fuel".


To advertise "Immortals" Reverber have participated in numerous events and mini-tour touching numerous live clubs and carving out a good slice of popularity, which led them to share the stage in 2018 with bands of the caliber of Nefilheim in Rome (RM) and Exumer for the only Italian date in Rovellasca (CO).  In 2019 they play on the stage of the Wings of Bea Metal Fest  (TO) as an opener on the day of Rhapsody of Fire.  In the same year the band was included in the book "Italian Thrash Metal Militia" among the most significant Italian thrash metal bands in the last twenty years.


After signing with Punishment 18, a well-known record label dedicated for years to thrash metal, in May 2020 the band released the third studio album, "Sect of Faceless", with the video clips of the title track and "Gods of Illusion", and the lyrics videos of the cover "Angel Witch" and the song "Channel 666";  the album ranked 4th on The New Wave of Thrash Metal's Album of the Year 2020 and 1st on the Metal SV Metal International 2020 chart.


The massive investments in this latest production show how Reverber are finally cohesive and willing to start a professional career in the world metal scene. After the stop due to the pandemic, in May 2022 they play in support of the German thrasher Tankard for the three Italian dates of San Donà (VE), Parma (PR) and Rome (RM). In October 2022 start the "Eastern Europe Tour 2022", a ten-date tour in Croatia, Romania, Hungary and Slovenia for the album "Sect of Faceless".


In March 2023 they are invited to the fifteenth edition of the Heavy Metal Espectros Fest in Murcia (Spain) as opener of the legendary Holy Moses. 

The band is currently writing their fourth studio album, which is expected to be released in summer 2023.

In November 2024 they will play on the famous Mediterranea Metal Cruise 2024, an open sea festival that will touch the cities of Greece Athens Mykonos, Kusadasi, Crete and Santorini.

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